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              All those involved in creating HIS LAST DAYS wish to give thanks and appreciation to TALLULAH FALLS SCHOOL and the Tallulah Falls School Board of Trustees for the yearly use, since 1994, of the beautiful outdoor setting for

His Last Days.

                                      And to VICTORY HOME

                        As a headquarters for cast and costumes.

               And to Our Community Pre-Drama Planning Partners

Tallulah Falls Town Council - Pilgrim Ministries - Amrine Equipment and Rentals – Adolph Signs -Mountain City UMC -Bethel & Company -

Pinnacle Brass - Tallulah Falls UMC – Antioch UMC  - Dillard UMC -

Ray’s UMC  - Tiger UMC - Home Improvement Ministry of the Clayton Baptist Church - Going Postal Clayton - Clayton First UMC – Dryman’s Chapel UMC -

Mountain City Boy Scout Troop 40 - Transforming Arts Ministry of Dance - Johnson UMC- New Hope UMC - Rabun Area United Methodist Men - Mountain Aire Cottages and Motel - The Depot at Tallulah Falls - R.A.P. (Rabun Aid Program) 


His Last Days is a volunteer ministry supported by solely by donations and gifts of love and labor. It is sponsored by

Broken Vessels Renewal Ministries 1060 Bradford Pl Bishop, GA 30621.  Rev. Bob Murphy


          A Special thanks to our planning partners. 


      HIS LAST DAYS has always been a community effort of  individuals and community groups working together. This has included churches, civic groups, businesses, and service organizations. It has been a labor of love and faith. In addition to all those individuals and groups creating HIS LAST DAYS on Labor Day weekend each year, are those who work during the year to make the preparations to make the drama possible.  We give a special THANKS to all our  PLANNING PARTNERS and our local PLANNING COMMITTEE.

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